How To Manage Winter Pests

How To Manage Winter Pests

Warm homes become extremely attractive to pests when winter comes. While during the summer you’re worried about the pest that are outdoors, too often we forget about the winter and what can possibly come indoors.  After all, what pest wants to freeze when there’s a small warm area in the basement or near the fireplace where little critters can hide? I for one normally appreciate that because of the cold, there are no more mosquito bites, but a lack of mosquitoes does not mean a lack of overall pests or rodents during the winter.

All of these pests and rodents are seeking two things, shelter and food. In order to manage winter pests in your home, follow this article for tips and tricks on how to prevent pests from crossing the border of your cozy home. The first tip is to build a wall and sealing any cracks around doorways, windows, and pipes that enter your home. Keep in mind pests and rodents are small. As a resident of NYC, I can tell you a mouse can fit through a hole the size of a dime and can flatten its body to fit under any crack. Sealing and winterizing any cracks or holes in areas of your home will not only prevent rodents from entering, but will also help you with your gas bill as warm air is no longer seeping out and keeping the temperature of your home more regulated. Another tip is to install/re-install screens over chimney vents and other window openings. Many homeowners remove screens to get more fresh air, but these can come in handy when attempting to block out larger critters like roaches and spiders. Make sure if you are storing firewood for the fireplace to keep it at least 20 feet away from the home and at least a couple feet above the ground. Piles of firewood are great hiding places for small pests. Storing wood improperly can lead to a one-way ticket right into your home. Once pests realize your home is warmer than the pile of wood, the pests will begin to scatter into other areas of your home.  Be more cautious of how you store food indoors as well. With food in low supply for pest outdoors, any open containers or loose garbage can become a feast for mice and other rodents. Store all food in sealed containers and dispose of your garbage appropriately. My last tip is to utilize traps and pest spray in those areas of your home that may be a bit harder to protect like the attic or basement. It never hurts to have all of your bases covered.

Make sure to periodically check your home thoroughly for any potential risks or dangers. If you find rodent feces or gnaw marks around your home, make sure to call your local exterminator immediately. Winter brings enough problems without having to worry about uninvited guests. Follow the tips in this article to keep your home safe and healthy during the winter.